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Instructions to Setup Your Wireless Device While Visiting an Saint Joseph HospitalIST Champions Mr. Macmann and Mr. Price

For Windows® Users:

1. Make sure that your notebook is set to receive wireless signals (go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, and either Wireless Setup or Network Connections, and turn on wireless).

2. Double-Click on the wireless connection icon in your system tray (bottom right of your screen near the time-of-day).

3. Select "View Wireless Networks". (Your notebook may automatically indicate what wireless networks are available.)

4. Select ehc_public and press "CONNECT".

5. Open any web browser. You will be redirected to the "SCLHS - Exempla Healthcare Guest Access Terms of Use for Public Wireless Internet Access" page. Read the text there and go to the bottom of the page and press the SUBMIT button.

6. You are now free to access the Internet pursuant to the regulations stipulated in the Terms of Use for Public Wireless Internet Access.

7. Be advised that some Internet content is blocked for legal reasons and protection from offensive material.


1. Enable your AirPort wireless system.

2. The Mac OS may indicate what wireless networks are available. Choose ehc_public.

3. Refer to the Windows step 5.