Breast Care Center

Saint Joseph Hospital’s Breast Care Center is dedicated to detecting breast diseases at their earliest, more treatable stages to give patients their best chance to overcome a breast cancer diagnosis.

Early Detection and Mammography

Saint Joseph Hospital provides convenient and comprehensive breast imaging services to diagnose breast cancers early. With state-of-the-art imaging technology and some of the region's top diagnostic experts, Saint Joseph Hospital it a top mammography provider in the Denver area.

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Comprehensive Breast Care in Denver

The Breast Care Center at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver offers comprehensive resources for breast health, including:

  • A team of breast care specialists who adopt a a caring, comprehensive and thoughtful approach to breast health issues.

  • Radiology and breast imaging staff is committed to efficient, courteous and timely services by utilizing the latest technology (including digital mammography, breast MRI and all other imaging technologies), the highest quality technical and interpretative services, and immediate scheduling for additional imaging and biopsies if necessary.

  • If breast cancer is detected, our patients can be assured that our team of physicians, technologists, nurses and non-clinical staff will see them through whatever they need and can provide direct access to a wide variety of resources and programs.

Ongoing Communication for Superior Patient Care

The breast care team at Saint Joseph Hospital knows that great care is the result of seamless communication between a patient, their family and their existing healthcare providers. Some of the ways that our breast care team ensures great communication and superior patient care include:

  • Breast care specialists attend weekly breast conferences at which every breast cancer case is discussed in a lively interaction of healthcare professionals, including radiology, surgery, pathology, pharmacology and oncology, as well as ancillary services such as physical therapy and psychological assistance.

  • The Breast Care Center's comprehensive approach of providing all aspects of breast care means that each patient is assured of seamless communication among all caregivers, resulting in a more efficient, effective and tailored approach to meeting each patient's individual needs.

  • Patients are routinely screened for genetic and other high risk factors and, if increased risk for breast cancer is discovered, more aggressive screening is recommended and a genetic counselor is available for a free consultation.

  • A host of educational and outreach programs are available to ensure that all women of screening age get regular mammograms as recommended, while minimizing barriers to access.

Location & Hours

The Breast Care Center at Saint Joseph Hospital is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

1825 Marion Street
Denver, CO 80218

Call 303-318-3400 for more information and to schedule an appointment.