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Community Health Needs Assessment

The 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment

Saint Joseph Hospital is actively engaged with its community and completed a community health needs assessment (CHNA) to understand the existing health status and needs in its community as well as build upon its 2012 CHNA. The 2015 CHNA represents a systematic approach to identify top healthcare priorities for 2016-2018 to guide efforts to improve community health and wellness in the City and County of Denver.  For non-profit hospitals, the CHNA also serves to satisfy certain requirements of tax reporting, pursuant to provisions of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Identification and Prioritization of Health Needs

Two sets of data were reviewed to identify top priorities for the communities served by Saint Joseph. Quantitative data was obtained from the 2014 Health of Denver Report: Community Health Needs Assessment.

Qualitative data was collected from an Online Key Informant Survey (OKIS) performed by Professional Research Consultants, Inc. As a result seven priority health needs were identified: access to care, childhood obesity, oral health, diabetes, mental health, substance abuse, and tobacco use. Denver Public Health created unique infographics for each need which were provided to survey participants prior to and at the time of the survey.

Selection of Top Needs

On December 2, 2015, Saint Joseph hosted a one-time Community Health Advisory Task Force session. Community representatives included public health, practicing providers representing vulnerable populations, and a community leader of an inner-city care clinic. The hospital was represented by individuals from mission integration, community benefit, respiratory therapy, nursing, social work and the hospital’s safety net clinics. The meeting consisted of a review of each of the new 7 needs including survey participant ranking and comments, and a list of resources identified by survey participants. The role of the Task Force was clarified: review and discuss the quantitative and qualitative data and, based on scope/severity, impact and available resources, score each of the 7 needs. At the end of the Task Force meeting, a ranking list of top needs the hospital should address was established. These needs were vetted by Executive Leadership at Saint Joseph and, based on the hospitals ability to influence, Mental Health and Tobacco Use were selected as key priorities for the 2015-2018 Community Health Implementation Plan.

The 2012 Community Health Needs Assessment

In 2012, Saint Joseph partnered with the University of Colorado to assess the health status of the hospital's community. This CHNA highlighted the health status of the counties that make up the hospital’s community. Health indicators were organized according to a Health Equity Model which takes into account a wide range of factors that influence health such as the social determinants of health, health factors, life course perspective and population health outcomes. Saint Joseph Hospital formed a multi-disciplinary task force to review the health indicators. In addition, community partners with broad experience of the Denver community and knowledge of underserved populations were interviewed or surveyed for feedback regarding critical health needs. This information was used in a prioritization process to identify the key areas of need to be addressed by the hospital.

The priority health indicators identified:

Other health indicators assessed:

The hospital Executive Team and Board of Directors approved the Community Health Needs Assessment. Saint Joseph Hospital will continue to partner with others in the community in order to address the priority health issues and improve community health.